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Here we feature tips and articles about the iphone as well as links to other great sites that feature valueable information.To view the latest iphone and iphone related product auctions go here

The Popularity of the iPhone has Pushed iPods to the Back Burner

The quick success of the iphone has had major changes in the technology industry as a whole. Think about there are now tons of new smart phones such as the T-Mobile G1 that are quickly becoming more popular.

As a result the iPhone and Apple have to step up their game plan. New Competition is good at lowering prices and driving product quality up. While I believe the iPhone will continue to be top dawg. I believe the iPod and other portable non phone media devices will lose popularity.

Think about the App store in the first month alone it had 60 million application downloads according to last100.com. They also indicate that the store made $1 million per day. These are absolutely staggering numbers, it’s obvious that people want much more than an mp3 or media player. They want the whole package. This means they can do anything on their cell phone.

While I see this as the logical direction for Apple, it’s important to note that at one point the iPod was keeping Apple at the top of their game, now the iPhone has quickly taken over that spot and transformed technology and society.

Line Rider will soon be available for the iPhone
If you have ever played line rider then you know this game is addicting and fun. It will make a great game for the iphone. The creator of the line rider game inXile Entertainment will be selling it on itunes for $2.99, but it may be available on iphone download services by October 2008.

I’m excited for the product to be introduced to the iphone and am sure it will soon be one of the best games for the phone. It will also be available for the ipod touch.

To clear things up we have had a request to write a consumer report on iPhone Nova unfortunately this service is no longer available, but we have other great reports to view these reports please go to the download sites link at the side of each page thank you.

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